Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm making a little toy banjolin for a small 2year old friend of mine, it's the most ridiculoulsy involved thing ever but has stopped both of us watching tv for two nights and has been fun. He'll probably break it instantly by mistake and I'll have to go off an cry. Bless him, his parents are instruments and he spends the whole time playing air banjo so I looked around the house, found a little applewood turned bowl and some driftwood and set to work. Time for me to wax it now, so I'd better get my apron on. The earrings for his mummy's birthday took no time at all. Pictures, must take some pictures, apologies.


gemmipop said...

Hey Lou,
Thanks for the link, all kinds o' mayhem and kitschy goodness!
Hope the repair went ok, I spent the day knocking around some serious cash-worths of silver today, not my own, but all good nonetheless!
See you soon xx

Louisa said...

Repair a nightmare, managed the setting but fault in shell meant it cracked pretty much as soon as I started. Glued with apoxy and carried on but crack plainly visible, another £5 of silver down the drain as I can't charge him now. Dave right - repairs more trouble than they are worth. Formulating ways to solder chain for Noi at the bead shop. Proper silver smithingfor you eh? hope you had more fun than me, did make some truly nasty kitch bunting for the workhouse festival though, silver lame and english country garden - mmmm... xx