Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm making a little toy banjolin for a small 2year old friend of mine, it's the most ridiculoulsy involved thing ever but has stopped both of us watching tv for two nights and has been fun. He'll probably break it instantly by mistake and I'll have to go off an cry. Bless him, his parents are instruments and he spends the whole time playing air banjo so I looked around the house, found a little applewood turned bowl and some driftwood and set to work. Time for me to wax it now, so I'd better get my apron on. The earrings for his mummy's birthday took no time at all. Pictures, must take some pictures, apologies.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wrestling but remembering perfect yurt days

Wrestling with my head today, argh. Got some photos to download of new bits, will discipline myself to do so later on, promise. Meantime here is a pretty picture of a yurt frame we made for a very nice chap called Dave Mountjoy, last year. This is the yurt frame up in the garden for checking, and that's my Dave checking it. Anyway somehow one of the roofwheel bracings cracked and we went down to beautiful Worcestershire to mend it for Dave M last weekend. It was the most magical day, we had a swarm of bees alight next to us, stick around for 3 hours then tootle off, without bothering us at all (we didn't bother them either). It was lovely to see Dave M as well and we stayed to help put up his summer home with him, will find a picture of that too in due course. He kindly paid us as well, funnily enough the exact amount for the petrol and a nice in at the Peacock Inn on the way home (stunning indonesean beef curry and very lovely people). Perfect day.